Protect your pets this winter

Protect your pets this winter

January 17, 2018

We've hit the apex of winter. Don't get complacent with dogs and cats during the cold and snowy season. Here are some good tips for keeping your pups safe and warm this season:

- Check around your car before you start the engine to make sure a cat isn't hiding under the hood or in the wheel well to stay warm.

- Remember that cats and dogs who spend most of their time indoors may be unadjusted to the colder temps. Their fur may not be as thick as other animals that can withstand a freeze.

- Consider purchasing a sweater for small dogs and older dogs. (Bonus: they're super cute.)

- Boots are also a good option for paws that don't like the feeling of ice and snow on their sensitive pads.

- Build a small outdoor shelter for your pets. Even in moderate temperatures, a cozy dog house offers a sanctuary.

- Purchase one of our high-back, ultra soft, luxurious pet beds for your dog or cat. Having a soft and comfortable place to call home will help any animal ignore those arctic temperatures.