Small Breed Dog or Cat Bed: BLUE pinstripe

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Premium Quality Washable Luxury Pet Bed, Small Breed Dog Bed or Cat Bed, Pet Beds with Therapeutic Cushion for Puppies and Kittens to Senior dogs and cats up to 10 pounds.
  • WANT TO BUY THE PERFECT BED FOR YOUR SMALL DOG OR CAT? - GLS Pet Beds are 18" X 15" to perfectly snuggle your little fur buddy with a 6" sidewall for that secure feeling they want.
  • WANT A PET BED THAT IS EASY TO WASH? - GLS Pet Beds are made with a durable 100% Cotton upper with a sturdy waterproof bottom and a polyester fleece cushion that all goes right in the washing machine. Air fluff or hang out to dry.
  • WANT A PET BED THAT FITS ANYWHERE AND LOOKS GREAT WITH ANY DECOR? - Gls Pet beds have the perfect oval shape that fit almost anywhere and the soothing colors accent any room. Mix it up by placing different colors in different rooms. They make the perfect gift.
  • WANT TO SPARE YOUR FURNITURE THE WEAR AND TEAR OF YOUR PET'S HAIR AND DANDER? - GLS Pet Beds are not just for the floor, put them on the counter, on the table, on the couch or on the shelf, place them all around the house wherever your pet likes to settle.
  • WANT TO INDULGE YOUR OLDER PET? - GLS Pet Beds have the best supportive sidewalls and a truly amazing therapeutic cushion that is the perfect medicine for weary bones. These beds are the exact dose of relief your ageing pet needs.
  • Are you looking for the perfect snuggler bed for your little fur baby? Tired of wondering if your little buddy will actually like the bed you buy? Worried you will be disappointed in the quality of the bed you buy? These amazing Pet Beds by GLS PET CARE are for people who take the comfort and well-being of their small pets to a very high level. They are also for people who appreciate blending form with function; classic decor with unparalleled comfort. This high-quality dog bed and cat bed will create a brand-new opportunity for you to take the best care of your little fur buddy in the most important way possible. A safe haven, a dedicated place for them to call their own. 

  • The soft therapeutic fleece cushion is perfectly stuffed to make it extremely supportive and at the same time exceedingly snuggly. Your older pet will feel young again cuddled up in this bed and appreciate your effort taking care of them. The surrounding nesting side walls have a perfect amount of support and are stuffed with just the right amount of softness that your pet will be in 7th heaven every time they cozy up up in this bed. 

  • If it gets to the point where you need to refresh this bed, simply separate the cushion from the enclosure and throw them both in the wash. Cold water only and hang them out to dry. 

  • This classic looking pet bed looks great in any room, so consider one in the living room and one in the bedroom, or wherever else your furry friend likes to sleep, relax or watch TV. Help your best little buddy enjoy the good life with these amazing pet beds from Good Life Solutions. Tell a friend, share your discovery, their pets deserve the best too!! Made from 100% soft cotton canvas, polyester fleece orthopedic cushion and a sturdy waterproof bottom. Good for small dogs up to 10 lbs. Cats, micro pigs or any other little critter you call 'part of the family'. CHEERS! Live the Good Life, and help your pets do the same.