Daily Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner - Eco Friendly, Professional-Strength, Non-Abrasive, Acid-Free, Fragrance Free Formula Cleans Soap Scum, Dirt Buildup, Hard Water Stains And Rust From Any Hard Surface.

Good Life Solutions


  • 🌺 ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A POWERFUL, ECO-FRIENDLY, 100% FRAGRANCE-FREE, DAILY SHOWER SPRAY AND COMPLETE BATHROOM CLEANER? -This is another Ultra High quality, craft cleaning product by Good Life Solutions, made in small batches with only 4 ingredients all approved by the 'SaferChoice' "Cleangredients" list. Good Life Solutions is a business member of the "One Percent for the Planet" organization, and we donate 1% of our gross sales to Environmental Non-Profits every year.
  • 🌺 ARE YOU SOMEONE WHO LIKES TO KEEP THE SHOWER CLEAN AND SPARKLY FRESH EVERY DAY WITH LITTLE OR NO EFFORT? - Then this shower spray IS FOR YOU! Spray around the shower after you are finished and let the formula work it's magic. There is no better way to maintain your shower and tub on a daily basis for a consistent fresh smelling sparkly clean finish.
  • 🌺 ARE YOU SOMEONE WHO WOULD LOVE TO KEEP THE SHOWER CLEAN EVERY DAY, THE WHOLE BATHROOM FOR THAT MATTER, BUT FINDS THAT LIFE GETS IN THE WAY OF THAT GOAL MOST OF THE TIME? - Well this formula IS FOR YOU TOO! Take a moment every now and then when life allows and power clean the whole bathroom. This formula effectively cuts right through the buildup of soap residue, dirty kid grime, hard water and rust stains and whatever constitutes that inevitable ring around the tub. We have you covered
  • 🌺 ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT ALL OF THE NEON GREEN, ELECTRIC BLUE, BRIGHT PURPLE, SUPER TOXIC, PETRO-BASED EARTH KILLING CLEANERS THAT GO DOWN THE DRAIN EVERY DAY AROUND THE WORLD? - Well Good Life Solutions is leading the way in Environmentally conscious household cleaning products and is not just 'into' crafting specific formulas that are tough on dirt but easy on our surroundings, WE ARE ALL ABOUT IT. We want you to help spread the word that Toxic Chemical Cleaning Products are unnecessary
  • 🌺 DO YOU LIKE TO KEEP THINGS SIMPLE AND GET MORE DONE WITH LESS? - With a proprietary blend of just 4 simple ingredients, you can quickly and effectively clean and maintain your whole bathroom with this one simple product. "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Welcome to the Good Life Family!

Good Life Solutions is a family owned company dedicated to serving health minded people interested in a healthy home and planet.

We make ultra-high-quality, small batch, craft cleaning products that ensure a safe and healthy environment inside the home and also leave no negative effects on the world around us.

Our customers feel 100% certain they are using products that meet the highest standards for effectiveness as well as stringent environmental criteria to be labeled family-safe and not harmful to the environment.

Good Life Solutions is a leader in the movement to prove that toxic chemical products are unnecessary.

We are committed to sharing this message until our brand and others like it are the norm and the toxic chemical national brands have to adapt to stay relevant.

Our story began in 2013 when we brought home our first child. Like all new parents, we went through the steep learning curve about what products you need to help raise a tiny human. I really never thought of cleaning products, but when I began to fill the tub for our daughter's first bath, I smelled chemicals in the steam from the cleaner I used to clean the tub. As I pulled the plug and began to clean the cleaner out of the tub, the light bulb came on, and I knew there had to be a better way.

With a daughter, a dog, and a baby brother on the way, cleaning became a full-contact sport around our house. I looked for natural, healthier cleaners. There were a few brands that were trying, but I knew there had to be a better solution and Good Life Solutions was born.

We have since created a brand of safer cleaning products that are professional-strength and highly effective, but are also 99% plant-based and do not have adverse effects on the world we live in or the home we live in. Our brand is called Good Life Solutions.

Our products are non-toxic, earth-safe, family-safe, pet-safe and contain the fewest number of ingredients possible. The key ingredients in our products are all Bio-Renewable, Natural/Plant-Based, Sustainably Grown and Harvested, and Cruelty-Free. The few synthetically derived ingredients that are necessary to create these solutions are carefully chosen from the "Safer Choice" program's list of "Cleangredients" to ensure no adverse effects for our customers or the planet.

The first two products in our line, a Stain & Odor Remover and a Bathroom Cleaner, are established and have developed a loyal customer base and many repeat buyers. These two cleaning products were the most useful cleaning solutions in our home with two young children, and of course, the bathroom cleaner is the one that got it all started.


  • Many cleaning products contain VOCs and other toxic chemicals. Phthalates, "PERC," noxious fumes and more can be linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, neurotoxicity, and more. Cleaning products that run down the drain go through a sewer treatment process, but eventually enter nearby waterways. In a 2002 study by the USGS, 66% of streams contain residues of disinfectants. These and other chemicals negatively impact plant and animal life. Furthermore, many cleaning products are petroleum-based and definitely should not be flushed out into the waterways. To make matters worse, even products listed as "green" are not necessarily healthier or better for the environment. This is why we strictly adhere to the 'Cleangredients" list from the "Safer Choice" program for all the ingredients that go into our solutions.
  • Our products are non-toxic, family-safe, pet-safe and contain the fewest number of ingredients possible.
  • As outdoor enthusiasts with an environmental science background, we prefer using plant-based, natural ingredients in the household cleaners. It's that simple. All labels have a toxin-free promise, declaring our commitment to clean and green products that are better for the earth and our well-being.


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The Disconnect:


It is really amazing how there is such a huge disconnect between what we put down the drain, into the trash, and use around the house, and the environment. But the reality is that they are massively connected.

If you went to the end of a dock and just started pouring bleach into the water, or any number of other electric blue, neon green or shocking pink, toxic cleaning products, people would look at you like you were a terrible person and perhaps somebody may even yell at you or try to stop you. But the reality is that MOST people pour this stuff down their drains and flush them down the toilet and clean the surfaces of their house in the privacy of their own homes EVERY DAY!

We are not terrible people, we just don't have much of a choice, and what choices we do have are sometimes misleading. We want to provide a level of transparency and truth that will give you the confidence that you are using highly effective cleaning products without worry of negative impacts.

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