Good Life Solutions

About GLS Pet Care

   GLS Pet Care is a part of The Good Life Solutions Company. We are a Family owned company based in Key West Florida and Estes Park Colorado. We LOVE pets and consider them a vital part of our family. We believe that pet beds are the best way to care for your pet beyond the obvious food and shelter. A dedicated place that they can claim as their own space in the world.

   I have a memory stuck in my head from when I was much younger that may be the seed of inspiration for creating these high quality beds today. We all were young right out of college and piled into a house in Key West to find jobs and live what we considered to be "The Good Life" by the beach. One of our housemates rescued a Greyhound from the old dog track that was still operating just outside of town. The dog was as sweet as could be and we loved that dog beyond belief. She had not been treated well, and just wanted to be part of the family. I remember I asked my roommate if he was going to get her a bed because we came home one day soon after he got the dog and she was curled up sleeping on a dish towel that was left on the floor. She just wanted a place she could consider her very own spot, so we all got busy putting together a makeshift bed over in the corner of the living room. That dog LOVED that bed and we could feel her begin to finally relax in this world enjoying her own place to call home. That was 25 years ago, but I have the image of that big, always shivering Greyhound, curled up on that little dish towel in the middle of the room forever etched in my mind.

   We have a deep affection for all animals, and our pets are an important part of our family's life. It is such a subtle but incredibly meaningful gesture to give your pet their own personal space. So CHEERS to our pets and let's help them Live The Good Life Too!

Bruce Darby, Chief Pet Lover - Good Life Solutions